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Women Connected In Wisdom Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

Join Shannon & Christine as they chat about Social Wellness with the speakers from the WCW Conference.

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The Laziness Myth: Narratives of Work and the Good Life in South Africa

Women Connected in Wisdom Virtual Conference


Women Connected in Wisdom


2022 Women Connected in Wisdom Virtual Conference Agenda
Goals: Connecting people all over the world
Uplifting women’s voices
Wellness in Community
#moderator #Wisdom #Wellness #Timetobeconnected

Day 1: Emotional/ Mental & Environmental Wellness

9:30-10:00 AM EST Welcome
Intro: Christine & Shannon
History- Podcast- Community-Experts-book authors-Sponsors
-4 Day Run through. Be present and interactive. Get rooted in Community

10-11 Session 1 - Emotional/ Mental Wellness- Dr. Cynthia Lynn Phelps- Discover Your Inner Ally and Soothe Your Soul
11:15-12:15 Session 2 - Emotional/ Mental Wellness- Carolyn Renee Morris- Womb Creations: Journey to Loving Mother- Daughter Dialogues
1:30-2:30 Session 3 - Emotional/ Mental Wellness- Tracy Reese- Embrace All of Who You Are
2:45-3:45 Session 4 - Environmental-Dr. Melissa Bird- The Mermaid’s Garden: A Story of the Pursuit of Environmental Wellness
4-5 Session 5 - Environmental-Melody LeBaron- You + Your Home: How to Up-Level This Vital Relationship

Day 2: Financial & Intellectual Wellness

9:30-10:00 AM EST Welcome
10-11 Session - Financial Wellness
Chrisitne Gautreaux - A Holistic Approach to Financial Wellness
11:15-12:15 Session 2- Financial Wellness Felecia Frayall - Financial WEllness in the Nonprofit Sector
1:30-2:30 Session 3 - Intellectual Wellness InterPlay Session
2:45-3:45 Session 4 - Intellectual Wellness
Shannon Ivey - Create a life You’d Fight for
4-5 Session 5 - Panel - Global Hybrid Publishing Karen Strauss, & Shealo Glo Shannon Mitchell

Day 3: Occupational & Physical

9:30-10:00 AM EST Welcome
10-11 Session 1 - Occupational Wellness
Chartisia Griffin - Welcome to a Place of Wellness

11:15-12:15 Session 2 - Occupational Wellness
Laurel Anne Stark - New Research-Backed Technology Provides Help for the Entrepreneurial Woman

1:30-2:30 Session 3 - Physical Wellness
Dr. Sheila K. Collins - The Physicality of Grief: A Dancer’s Reflections on the Art of Grieving

2:45-3:45 Session 4 - Physical Wellness
Shannon Mitchell - Glo from Head to Toe

4-5 Session 5 - Physical Wellness
SatiMa Ra - Yes, You Do Know

Day 4 Social & Spiritual Wellness

9:30-10:00 AM EST Welcome
10-11 Session 1 - Social Wellness
Sacil Armstrong - Make Equity a Habit
11:15-12:15 Session 2 - Social Wellness
Courtney” Coe” Dorsey - Miami Beaches and Georgia Peaches
1:30-2:30 Session 3 - Spiritual Wellness
Jovantreis Tolliver Russell - Activate Your Superpower!
2:45-3:45 Session 4 - Spiritual Wellness
Shamika D. Wallace - Be Still and KNOW
4-5 Session Networking Celebration & Wrap Up