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Women Connected In Wisdom Podcast

Apr 15, 2021

Join Christine & guest co-host JoVantreis Tolliver as they talk about Spiritual Wellness and welcome special guest Dr. Anna Gatmon from the Expansive Community.

This week's resources and references:

Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World: 4 Keys to Fulfillment and Balance

Anna Gatmon

Brene Brown

Shealo Glo




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Women Connected in Wisdom Podcast 4/14/2021 Anna Gatmon
Christine Gautreaux, JoVantreis Russell “Dr. JoVeezy,” Anna Gatmon, P.hd.
Christine Gautreaux 0:14
Hello, hello Hello my friend. Hello my friend greetings

are in for a treat today. Um, today I am joined by a guest co host, Joe vantrease Russell, Dr. Joe vz, who was our actually our first guest for our first official podcast on women connected in wisdom. And I am so excited that you are here today, Joe, though Am I oh my gosh, what an honor and to be sitting in for my amazing sister with the amazing women connected in wisdom I'm

missing and call in our friend Shannon's name today. She is well for our listeners, she is just taking today to celebrate her sweethearts, birthday. And with the events of the world and how black men are currently in danger in our country. She's like, I'm not taking a moment to miss celebrating his birthday. So we want to give a special shout out.

Shout out to Pharaoh and Happy Happy birthday. And I hope y'all are having a blast. Whatever adventure y'all are on today. So

JoVantreis Russell "Dr. JoVeezy" 1:38
And let me just say happy birthday Pharaoh because, um, he is a really good homie of mine. And it's like really amazing to just see their relationship blossom and just their connection and everything. I just feel honored to be a part of the journey. Introduce them, right? Yes.

History, that's awesome. So you get the credit? Yes, let me just say I think I might, I'm not gonna speak too soon. But I might have a little gifting in that area, because this is the second couple in two years that I've hooked up. And the relationship is blossom like Tasha and Rubin. Shout out to them. They're married, and they met at one of my events.

Christine Gautreaux 2:30
I love that you call that up. Oh, that is awesome. Yeah. All right, let's do intro so we're official for those of us that are listening for the first time or live. I am Christine Gautreaux, a white social justice advocate and international speaker, coach and published author who helps you upgrade yourself in community care.

JoVantreis Russell "Dr. JoVeezy" 2:55
My name is Joe ventry is Russell aka Dr. Joe vz. I am God sweetheart. I am a wife. I'm a mother and artists, and community engagement advocate.

Christine Gautreaux 3:07
Together we are women connected in wisdom podcast, a podcast grounded in the eight dimensions of wellness. And we love it when people join us and we have our special guest today we have a special co host for weekly intentional conversations about how to be wise in business relationships and wellness. So

I am so delighted to be together today. For those of you all for our listeners that don't know, um, Joe vantrease and I have been friends now, three or four years. I think it's four years, right? We met at Gwinnett. County, one on one and it community engagement program and became fast friends and we're like we need to do some work in the world together. And we created I had been doing manifesting. I've been doing mastermind groups for a while and I was like Joe, would you do this with me? And she was like Absolutely. So we have a Monday manifesting mastermind that has been going now for over two years. Yeah, yeah, three years. You are the one that introduced me to shaman. So

Anna Gatmon 12:24
for your, for your community. Um, what is your definition of spiritual wellness, so beyond the fact that it's really hard to have one definition, but let me go to the highest level. Spirituality is this being aware and experiencing the sacredness of our life, the sacredness, the divinity and the sacredness of life. So when you talk about meaning and purpose, it's we're elevating the work we do or the hobbies we have, or the volunteer we do to bring meaning to it, we're expanding that and we're making it more sacred. So it's sacredness and everything that we do.

And we do live in a sacred, wondrous universe. And when we expand our consciousness to that, we begin to perceive the sacredness, wow, we, we we get direct flow, energy flow from the universe vitality. And that's why spiritual wellness is so important, whether its meaning and purpose in your life, whether it's kindness to other human beings, whatever it is, right? Whether it's meditation, massage, you know, on all the levels, physical material, spiritual, emotional, social, whenever you expand into the sacredness, you are in, you are in direct flow with more vital energy. And you're in the spiritual realm, in the sacred, spiritual realm. So that's my short, long I clinician, when you were saying that what bubbled up for me is a picture of my friend, Joe vantrease, when she was nine months pregnant, and she was playing the drums and she put this picture, was it a picture was a video Joe, like, it was a little bit of both. I think I had a picture in a clip.

It was magical and like, because you, you're just meeting Joe today, but she is an incredible drummer. And it's one of her and when you were saying that definition, and I was thinking about the sacred that is what popped up to me Joe is that picture of you with Ezra in your belly and you drumming and like sharing your gifts? On on more levels? One in that moment? Yeah. Yeah. By the time in life.

So I do have an exercise at the end. So So give me time for it just so people can have that but I want to share something that happened.

Cuz we had like a pre session just to get to know each other before and to see how it works. And I made a self deprecating comment, which I regretted the whole week. But I learned a really important lesson and I want to share it because it speaks to, to spiritual wellness, but to where we are in the world. And I realize how important representation is. Because in that meeting, we were to African American women and to European American women, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:35
Joe, we should introduce ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:57

Unknown Speaker 2:22
That's right. Thank you, Matt

Unknown Speaker 2:24
at your LP release.

Unknown Speaker 4:23
this circle just comes around and around. It is delightful.

Unknown Speaker 4:28
I love it. I love it. It's been such a such a pleasure and honor. Just even being in the space and sharing love through every season of life. You've got to have your girls. And this is a good way. It's quite a powerful tribe, I must say.

Unknown Speaker 4:44
Well, and our newest member is your baby estra who is now six months old, right?

Unknown Speaker 4:52

Unknown Speaker 4:53
Yo, let me tell you every Monday she's on the call and she brings wisdom And she talks to us and she lets her voice be heard she has since she was a teeny tiny baby. I mean, she's only six months old now. But still, from the moment she could make sounds, she lets us hear her voice and it is so delightful. Well, how is your week? My friend? How's it going? You are coming to us from Jackson, Mississippi today, right?

Unknown Speaker 5:21
Yes, I am reporting live from Jackson, Mississippi. This is actually my hometown. I was born raised and educated. And I actually went to Jackson State University here too. And this was sort of an impromptu trip, you know what I mean? We didn't plan or expect to come under these circumstances. But this is life. This is you know, this is a part of life, but my grandmother is actually in the hospital, she's sick. And you know, just to be transparent. Um, she is battling with pancreatic cancer right now we firmed like, two days ago, actually. And so we are in the process. This is stage one, however, we do want to move quickly. So we're just listening to her being in tune with what she wants. With her.

Unknown Speaker 6:12
Oh, you cut out for a second chance, though, for her,

Unknown Speaker 6:15

Unknown Speaker 6:17
caretaker for her. And so this is, this is quite the journey. But

Unknown Speaker 6:26
I'm so glad that you could go home and be with her and be in that role. We are losing your audio a little bit. So I'm going to wait till you come back. And while we're waiting for you to come back, I am going to give the definition of spiritual wellness and what we are talking about is that, Oh, there you are. I lost you for a minute. So the definition of spiritual wellness that we are talking about today and we're going to expand on with our awesome guest is spiritual wellness allows us to be in tune with our spiritual selves. This realm of wellness lets us find meaning in life events and define our individual purpose. It can be defined through various factors including religious faith, values, ethics and morals regardless of whether you believe in a particular religious faith, there is always something to be learned about how you see yourself in the world. And why is this important? We've talked about at times on women connecting the wisdom podcast, but spiritual wellness not only allows you to seek meaning and purpose in human existence, but it also allows you to appreciate your life experiences for what they are. When you find meaning in your life experiences, you will be able to develop a harmony with your inner self and outside world in much simpler terms. It it grants you balance, it is the thing that helps you to to live a meaningful life.

Unknown Speaker 7:58
Yeah, you made it back. Yes. Sorry about that.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
That's what happens when you're a road warrior and taking care of family.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
So glad to be back. I don't know what happened. But I'm, I'm back.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
worries, no worries. I was just given the definition of spiritual wellness that we're playing with today. And before we introduce our guests, and you know, your living it, being in Jackson taking care of family going home, I need to give a shout out to my friends, Monique Davis and Jackson and Wendy Shanna fell two artists activist, to a my two of my people from alternate routes who I adore. And so anytime I think Jackson, I think Joe vantrease, Mooney, and indie like those. And I think it's a great place to start between here in Texas, because that's when I go home. Like it's a great place to stop and say hey, so, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 9:00
yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:01
I'm sorry for the reason that you had to go home, but I'm glad you get to be there with her.

Unknown Speaker 9:07
I am too. And that definition really resonates with me so deeply. Because I'm being in a spiritual journey. And it's all about really surrendering what you believe to be right at a certain time and Lord knows, like, I have had to digest this lesson so many times. But when I surrender is it's truly when you really have peace about everything that's going on because there's so many uncontrollables but one thing you do have control over is being able to surrender and have peace and so that's really where I am spiritually. So that definition is like Whoo. Oh my gosh, it's like a plate soulful for me.

Unknown Speaker 9:49
Right? Um, I love how they talk about it brings balance. And I know for me like when I lead with my spiritual practices, when I started My day, you know, outside and I love. I've said it on the podcast before and folks that know me like my favorite place to start the day is in my Labyrinth, singing my prayers. And when I start and I get out of habit sometimes because of weather or schedules or things like that, but it's such a difference when I start my day that way, like it helps me to be imbalanced with my overall wellness. So I can't wait to bring on our guest and see what she has to say about this topic. Are you ready, Joe?

Unknown Speaker 10:33
I am so ready.

Unknown Speaker 10:36
It is a friend of mine. So what I always say about this when we bring on friends is I always read their official bio, so I don't completely muck it up. Because you know, when you infringe on somebody for years, you can say all kinds of things about him, but you may get it wrong. Her official bio, and that way our listeners know the truth. Here we go. Anna Gottman, PhD is a visionary educator and spiritual innovator. She comes from an eclectic background that spans the US Israel, Sweden and France. Her rich life experience includes careers as a fashion model, founder of an alternative elementary school counselor, speaker and author. She is the creator of the expansive community, a membership for changemakers who are committed to creating spiritual material abundance in all areas of their life. And in the lives of the people they live, work and play with. Anna holds a doctorate degree in transformative learning from the California Institute of integral studies and lives with her family in Sonoma County in California. And I am so excited to welcome to the podcast today. My friend and colleague, Anna Gottman,

Unknown Speaker 11:54
the miracles of technology, I appear I disappear. Hello, thanks for having me on your show. I'm so excited to be here. At this time, at this time in the history of the US also what we're going through and talking about spiritual wellness.

Unknown Speaker 12:11

Unknown Speaker 12:13
Anna, for you, I know you heard the definition, which we've talked about before comes from an academic setting, which I know you're in your background, but you expand

Unknown Speaker 15:30
And I could feel the course was different, it was different than if I'm just with white people. And so I made it self deprecating comments in a white women doing some self care, you know, I regret doing anything self deprecating. This is not what it's about. But the meaning and, and the question of what spiritual wellness is changes, when there's representation that's different than just my own kind, and whatever my own kind is whiteness in this conversation. And so my question is, I do have an exercise, which I'd like to do, which is an individual self, you know, to tap into spiritual wellness, but I want to ask, have a conversation, what the spiritual wellness look like, with what we're going through? It's like, it's a different I, I have different answers for for myself, when I think of this young, innocent man, who's gone and seeing his parents, it's just it's devastating spiritual wellness looks different around that. So I'm curious to hear what it means. Like When, when, when anybody sits at the table, I mean, that's expansive, too, right? Everybody gets a sacred space at the table, versus I'm sitting just with white people, and we're thinking about self care, it becomes very personal. But the rest of the world is left out of the conversation.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
You know, what comes up? For me, um, as you're speaking, thank you for saying that, because it's such a great question to kind of facilitate a conversation around unity, because that's the word that comes up for me is what does unity look like? And in this country, you know, I can speak, you know, for my experience, as a black woman, I have at times felt unequipped and lacking balance in some in some ways, and also feeling like, I'm playing catch up, so to speak, and I'm, my, not my knowledge, but but more so opportunity. And it's not, it's not like I'm trying to say, Hey, you know, more people have opportunities than I do, or things like that. But it's, it's, it's reality. Um, when I, my tank is not as full as the next person, then they're more likely to receive the opportunity than than I am, or even something as simple as, you know, your reputation, not reputation, but your experience and your historical experience with dealing with police officers. If I've had a terrible track record with police officers, and the treatment that I received, it will be hard for me to even receive a gift when a police officer is actually trying to is actually being a stand up human being and a person is genuinely trying to show me kindness, you know, I might miss out on that opportunity. because historically, I have been not, it's not been a good, good experience. So I think about that, in terms of being spiritually lacking, or, or having my spiritual tank not be full. And, and, you know, it comes to the point where you have to be even taught how to receive a gift, especially in the divine in the spiritual, you have to be taught and not you know, personally, I have things where I, I'm definitely getting that lesson of knowing how to receive, but when you come from an area where it's hasn't been, or hasn't been so, so freely given spiritual nourishment. It's hard to even recognize, you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 19:15
Yeah, of course. I mean, yeah, it's like you. I mean, even, you know, the law of attraction. I mean, they all talk about it, right? If you're not prepared, if you knew, you're not going to see when it's coming your way. And if you're wounded, if you've been abused, you don't see kindness, because you're always suspecting right. And so here, it's systemically, you're part of this and so yeah, it totally makes sense. And I think the thing that's important for me here is the difference between personal spiritual wellness and collective spiritual wellness. That's what I fell in the session. We had it was so powerful. It was like, wow, this is a different conversation. Right?

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Well, and that's why we started this podcast. And because we were having some of these conversations that are manifesting Monday, it seems like we need to be talking about this with the whole world. Yeah, we are a group of diverse women that comes together and bring, we bring our different life experiences, different gender, we're different generations, different races, different faiths, in this group that meet, and we're really lucky in the place that we live, we're in one of the most diverse counties, not only in Georgia, but in the country, and in Gwinnett County. And so we really started talking about unity. And we talked about the wisdom that every single one of us brings in it doesn't, you know, we're from different educational backgrounds, we're from different play. You know, it's, it's just that piece is fascinating. And I wanted to share with y'all today, I was on a zoom call with a brand new contact. She was a colleague that was put in touch with me. And she is an incredible activist and artist in Virginia, African American woman. And we were having a conversation. And I want to share this, because I think it's valuable, especially for our white listeners. And we just were talking about resources, we were talking about ways we could collaborate we were talking about. And she shared with me that with what's going on in our country right now, she had several white friends reach out to her and say, I'm basically wanting her to teach them, like how do we deal with this, and she's like, Yo, I'm in pain, I am in physical pain right now. I'm not in a place to do that with you. And so, you know, it's one of the things I know is a white social justice advocate as white people, we want to talk to other white people. And, and not not dip into our friends of color, self care, and their wellness in times of crisis, that because it can be detrimental to their wellness. And the other thing that she shared with me towards the end of the call, which was so powerful, what she said to me, Christine, she said, You, she said I was so excited to meet with you, when I saw the work you did in the world, I could tell we do a lot of the same work. And she said, but in the back of my mind, I thought, Oh, it's another white woman who's going to ask to be connected to the black community. And she said, You didn't ask me for a thing. You just offered resources, and said, What can we create together? And she said, I don't think I've ever had a white woman do that before. And it was a powerful moment and a reminder and a call, especially with our sisters of color to, for us to be mindful of that. Like, what are we asking of each other? You know, what are we asking of each other? into especially I think in times of crisis, then yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 23:16
Yeah. So I, I want to bring that the spiritual is often so devoid of race or, or ethnicity, right? But it's not devoid of religion, you know, you're Christian or Jewish or you're a Muslim, but it's devoid of, of, of, of ethnicity, right, and race. And so a very well known statement, for example, is unity within diversity. Right. And again, it brings us to sacredness, we are different on the diversity level, the richness is the diversity. But the Unity comes in the sacredness. That's where the unity is. It's not about being unified. And it's not about being completely different. It's like there's diversity is on the material plane, what we bring the gifts that we bring in on the sacred level on the spiritual level. That's where we share unity. And so I'm saying this because it's important to expand our definition of all these very well known spiritual statements. Okay? If you believe in unity within diversity, will Can you expand your definition of unity and your definition of diversity? If practicing loving kindness is something that you practice, can you expand that beyond and deal with the edge of where it feels like I can go so far, these people, if it's age, or it's disability, or its skin color, whatever it is for you, we all have Have an edge where we're uncomfortable, where we go, Oh, well, this is new to me, this is unfamiliar, stay there and explore there. Because in that energy, if you don't do it, there is pent up energy that is depleting you and depleting us as humanity. But if you stay on that edge, and you say, Can I expand loving kindness, to the unfamiliar to the unknown to stuff that I was taught as a child in school, from where I come from, wherever you have it, you start to open the energy, when that open, when that energy is released, you are going to feel revitalized, regenerated, I mean, you're just going to because suddenly, you are not in fear, you are in love, and you've expanded your felt sense of sacred loving kindness. So that is a really important action to do today, in these times, right?

Unknown Speaker 25:59
Absolutely. This, oh my gosh, this is so amazing. Um, because what I'm thinking about, because you mentioned expression of gifts, and I think about in this country, there are so many gifts that are left being under appreciated because of our value system and and a value system, honestly, that shouldn't exist, because who are we to put value on what gifts matter? And what gifts do not matter? And so that feels like to me, I mean, you know, some folks believing, you know, in afterlife, but I believe that it's getting closer to heaven on earth, seeing everybody be in their full expression and and be received with compassion and grace. Yeah. And you know, even in this season of life that I'm in now, just like, our family is coming together, we're recognizing what each one of us brings to the table. And the is it easy? No, because all of us have our own conditioning and value system. But bringing it to an example for this country. Everybody's had a whole entire different upbringing. You know, even beyond races, even beyond color, and ethnicity, we have just had total different backgrounds and upbringing. So our value system comes from how we were raised, but it has to shift and become flexible in order to adapt to this space that you talked about. Because, you know, how else will we have the flexibility to express ourselves to the fullest degree and, and receive that compassion and grace? To do so? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:35
I love that. And it. So I love the fact that what you're talking about on that edge, too, is a place of vulnerability. You know, one of my teachers, Bernie brown talks about vulnerability, being the birthplace of creativity and really all that's amazing. And I think about when you when you say that about it being sacred. So you know, vulnerability is the birthplace of sacredness, like you talked about Joe vantrease. About about surrender, right. And then I wanted to lift up and roses comment in in Facebook, she said, that is a really good description and are open to the uncomfortable and unknown.

Unknown Speaker 28:20
Hey, and rose, I know her

Unknown Speaker 28:21

Unknown Speaker 28:25
to join us today and are listening live.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
Yeah. So can I just share so that people have something you know, because we're talking and people are enriched by us, but I want people to also have something they can do. We're all we're depleted and exhausted. And if we have spiritual resources and tools, then we know how to to create, you know, the flow, but when we don't, then we're just depleted because it's exhausting.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Right? Yes, please share.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
So I created this exercise, you might know a similar kind of exercise, but I created it out of a place where I was told many times you live in a bubble, because because I live in it in a conscious community. And and I, I have a utopian view of the world. That's what I'm here to show what's possible. what's possible to how can we live in this wondrous world? planet wonders, humanity, ingenuity, I mean, there's so much creativity and beauty and wonder on our planet, and how can we live like this? And I'm often told you live in a bubble. And I found an answer for it. And I created the exercise in the answer that I say I don't live in a bubble. I live in an in a field that I create for myself. And I expand that field so that when I interact with people, they get a whiff of that field that I create. It's not a closed bubble that's unrealistic or utopian. It is an energy field is a field of intelligence of consciousness that I create. And you are welcome to join into the field. And I am. So this is the exercise that I create based on it. And you can pick any quality that you want to do that you want to work with, let's say you want to have more inner peace, or you want to experience more joy, or you want to have loving kindness or anything, it can really be creativity, whatever you want to. And basically you imagine, you know, this bubble, but it's more like it's a translucent kind of a field. And you can make it as you know, just whatever, just a bit bigger than yourself, however you are comfortable in it kind of it's flowing. So when you move, it moves with you, this, this field moves with you. And so what you want is to fill that field with, let's say, loving kindness, okay? Let's do that. And so you just imagine yourself experiencing loving kindness, you can always pick a time where you experience loving kindness towards yourself, or when you express it, or you saw a child or you saw a pet, or you saw a movie, and you experienced loving kindness. And you just feel this, you imagine you fill yourself with loving kindness. And again, you could do inner peace, if that's better for you. And you just feel this and you can decide what color is it, it's translucent, so it protects you. But it also anyone who walks into your field, suddenly is in the field of loving kindness, or in the field of caring for your brothers and sisters, or inner peace. And you walk around in the world so that when you go to the store, imagine yourself wobbling like this with this field of loving kindness, it's going to change your interactions with people, it's going to change your field because now it's not like you're being attacked, maybe, or violated or just aggressed by the news, you have this field that's protecting you, that's maybe a meter or whatever a meter is like a yard or something around you. And anyone who comes into your field gets to enjoy that and experience that. And that's how we change the world. One of the ways by creating a field and inviting people into it and protecting ourselves with this field and, and sharing that with the world. So that's an exercise that's going to fill you with vitality with tranquility, it will leave the world a bit outside because you have the field and you get to design your experience. And you get to design the field that you want to live in and that you want to create. So I hope it's helpful for people. I mean, I didn't do the full meditation, I more explained it. But you know, we don't have time for that. I think so.

Unknown Speaker 33:08
I love that, Anna, thank you. I have when you were doing that I had this image, I have this picture, I'll have to I'll have to go back and find it. It's on Facebook somewhere. But there was a you know, it was when the when the apps first came out where you could do photo apps, and you could put filters over. And I have a picture of me in a bubble. It's it's this translucent bubble. And so it was easy for me to visualize because I have a picture of it. And I love that like and and I did have to giggle at the wobbling around.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
I literally close my eyes. And I just want to say the color of my bubble is pink. Because I envisioned a heart shaped bubble. I mean, as you can see, I'm really into pink now anyway, but you know, pink has been a coat color. And even Um, I don't know if I have my stone now. But I also have a stone that's pink, that symbolizes compassion and compassion for yourself and healing. And there's a couple other definitions of it too. But it's a theme for me, you know, pink sort of symbolizes loving yourself as well as others in that bubble. I feel. You know, you mentioned someone answering. I love that because that means that any space you walk into, you know, you're transforming that space to vibrate in that same wave of love that you're vibrating. I love that. Oh my gosh, like that is amazing.

Unknown Speaker 34:42
Joe vantrease that's how I know that you walk in the world. Like you have a new visualization with it, my friend. That's how you walk in the world from the moment I've met you, right. So we're adding we're adding the pink bubble but you already got this

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Thank you, my friend. Well, no.

Unknown Speaker 35:03
I mean, I think there's a lot of peace, as you said is that anyone who enters that field gets to so it's not like you're trying to be in here. It's like, you experiment. And that's, that's social activism that's being an activist for for a better world, right.

Unknown Speaker 35:21
I love it. social activism for love.

Unknown Speaker 35:27
Right? I love this. I think, since the last time we met, it was the golden rule day, it was the international Golden Rule day about, you know, treat each other as you want to be treated. It was it that is the golden rule that's in every major religion. And I think about that, when we when we talk about this about spiritual wellness, and how do we treat ourselves? How do we treat each other? You know, what kind of a world do we want to create?

Unknown Speaker 36:02
You know, it's interesting, that's saying, because I know what it means. But actually, what happens is what the reality is because there's so much self hatred, so much self hatred, that we end that quote, we give our neighbors colors have different wavelengths. So what does they say here? So it totally makes sense to me with the colorful bubbles around us. Mine is happy, Sunny yellow right now. But you, you know, it's like, love thy neighbor like yourself, and we so don't love ourselves. We still don't love ourselves that how can we love our neighbor? That's it.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
That's it.

Unknown Speaker 36:49
I think you're right on. And that we got to start with that self care and self love and self healing and expand it. So I even like that with your visualization. Right? You're starting with your bubble, and you're expanding it, you're bringing it out? Yeah. Yeah. Powerful.

Unknown Speaker 37:06
That's a great, that's a great description of loving yourself first. Because you do like this. That's perfect, Christine, how you put it. It's your bubble, and you're expanding it. And that's a perfect visualization for loving yourself first and expanding that love. Because we can't give from an empty cup, we have to give from overflow. So our bubble is literally overflowing, to be able to be light of your way

Unknown Speaker 37:33
to describe it. I love that so well. foot, exactly. So the bubble, the more you're an overflow. Otherwise, you're just trying to have some inner peace right here. And it's really hard because you feel that you're kind of attacked and assaulted all day, right by the news and people and events. But if you make yourself bigger, and if you believe in this, your aura is bigger anyway. But you know, it becomes an interconnected world also write rather than a separate world of individuality, which harbors fear because we're all alone in this huge universe. And we're scared and we need to defend ourselves when it's us, against them and then against us. Whereas if you're a feel that's walking around, it's interdependent. It's interconnected. Suddenly, we're in a field of I'm not alone. There's love and being loved and being cared for I care for others, please enter my field. Suddenly, we're in a consciousness of love and interconnection and not in the consciousness of fear and separation. And it's a consciousness of ference and separation, that that creates the violence, right, that the racism and the violence so we can all be activists, what what, but by creating a field,

Unknown Speaker 38:49
where those words, and I think about the beloved community from Dr. Martin, Martin Luther King, Jr. Because you know, Joe vantrease, and I live in Atlanta. So, you know, we're all we're talking about the beloved community, and it doesn't mean that it's always, always perfect or always peaceful, like, but that we are interconnected, and that we are loving each other. Yeah. And I think that is really needed. Yeah, crucial.

Unknown Speaker 39:20
Yeah. So, I mean, the thing of if I can say, I know, I don't know if we're supposed to end or not, but I teach a class called the psychology of power, privilege and culture. And I also in my graduate school, when I was 30 years old, 35. That was a long time ago. We did a lot of, of, of racial work within the cohort. And so also in the class that that I'm facilitating now, and it is so interesting, how many times white students feel that at the bottom of it all. They feel worthless, they feel they have nothing to offer. They don't have community they don't have. So they don't have an immense feeling to so whatever we're talking about men, women, or we're talking white, black, it's like, at the bottom of it all. It's like a feeling like there's nothing there. And so if we keep if we keep the power of the status quo, going to project that out. But if we're going to change the power structure, then I have to face that I feel empty inside I because I don't belong to any group. I'm just white Christian. Okay, so Christian, maybe, I mean, not me, but I'm saying like white Christians, because that's the most dominant or predominant one. But and white people don't feel like they're part of a group. So they don't feel that they belong, and they envy, the belonging. It's so interesting to see that how much self hatred there is, even here, it's hard to be compassion for it when you're on the receiving end of the abuse and the systemic racism. But it's also so fascinating to see it again and again and again.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
But you know, that goes back to the value system again, like, you know, your expectations of what you what you expect, well, your expectations of reward, and how you're operating in life, like if I'm operating in my purpose, and my purpose is to raise my child. And but the world around me sees that that is not the value, you know, to raise my child and I might have insecurities if I'm not all the way secure, and that this is my purpose and what I should be doing so you know, it, I guess I'm speaking to, you know, when you do not belong to a group, there's a less chance for you to be affirmed that your purpose matters. Yeah. And, and, and that is that is that is the reason that community is so essential. Because you could you could be walking in insecure path, you know, operating on your insecurities, as opposed to walking in what your purpose is, and being secure in that.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
Right? Yeah. I also think about when you talk about the self hatred, especially for white people right now, I think about rasma mannequins work, my grandmother hate my grandmother's hands, and how he talks about racialized trauma is not just an people of colors, bodies, it's also in white people's bodies, that it's been patched in generationally. And until we look at it, and do forgiveness work, and really look at some of this stuff. That is where some of that roots of self hatred and self loathing is, is because some of us are born with it. And so that's that piece of really looking at owning who we are, what land we're connected to, who our people and if we can't be with our like, then creating the group that that we do resonate with and that and then fill in our buckets up. So y'all, this has been a really, really powerful conversation

Unknown Speaker 43:09
deep, really deep. transcends it. Definitely. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 43:14
Anna, before we let you go, I realized in your bio, you didn't give us the name of your book. So I would love to know the name of your book and where they can find it.

Unknown Speaker 43:26
Okay, so my book is called Living a spiritual life in the material world, fortune, fulfillment and balance. And my whole all of my expensive teachings, which I've developed much further and working on my second book since this book, but it's all about spiritual material unity, and spiritual material balance. And you can get it on Amazon. That's another conversation for another podcast.

Unknown Speaker 43:57
a whole nother

Unknown Speaker 43:59

Unknown Speaker 44:02
You can find it on my website which is on a gap a double in a and you'll find my book there there's a book page you can get a free bonus of a workbook to accompany when you read the book when you purchase it. So that's

Unknown Speaker 44:21
it, and we'll make sure and we put it in the show notes but you had said so generously that you wanted to offer our listeners a special special gifts if you want to tell our listeners about that. And I will also put a link to that in our show notes.

Unknown Speaker 44:36
So that is that is a 30 minute complimentary, oyc complimentary call. Where we will talk about where you're at where you want to be, what you're dealing with and see if working together is something that is the right thing for you. If I can support you in it. in any way, but the 30 minutes is the 30 minutes and we get to talk communicate and see what what can benefit you.

Unknown Speaker 45:09
I love that. And will you tell one last thing I keep saying I'm gonna let you go. But one

Unknown Speaker 45:13
last thing, I joined this, so I'm happy to stay.

Unknown Speaker 45:18
tell folks about your mighty network community,

Unknown Speaker 45:21

Unknown Speaker 45:22
So my mighty networks community is really slow to grow really, really slow to grow, I have to own that. So, but I'm working on it. So that's the expansive community, expansive community. And that is really a place for us together to practice being in this expansive state, in different areas of our life around our purpose and calling around manifesting around relationships around self care, and developing our intuition, which is also about expanding into larger field of information. So it's all it's practicing, being expansive, and getting the guidance needed to live more whole life. So as a result of that, and so. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:14
Show Notes. Go ahead. Joe.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Do we have time for one last question? It's kind of Okay, so my question is, you know, I'm all about call to actions. So, as we wrap up, this was a very deep, powerful conversation. What is first thing is, what is your favorite daily spiritual practice, something that you cannot go without doing every day, even if it's not at the same time? And the second part is, what is one actionable item that someone who is very, maybe very fearful of entering they they're, they're feeling convicted to go ahead and make take some action, but they're feeling fearful, that they're not equipped? What is something that they can act on immediately to him to walk into a space that they don't typically walk in, but they know they need to in order to open up their social portal?

Unknown Speaker 47:10
Well, I'll answer the first one. The second one, first is the exercise that this field that you create is a great tool. Because if you're uncomfortable about anything, and you create these field with joy, or security, or comfort, I mean, really any word that you want to, and then you expand it a bit to this translucent bubble, you walk into the situation from an expanded state, and more spacious state, your heart is more spacious, you feel more safe, you feel more secure. And you will, as a result, you will have thoughts that are different, more spacious, more loving, you'll have more creative solutions. So the results that you'll get will be different. So this is really expanding into any quality that you want to is the way to go. And then listen attentively to what the universe tells you. What What does it feel like to be in this expansive state? That is, that is the the, I think, a really good exercise. That's a generic one, you get to fill in the quality you want to, and you bring it into any situation. So that's the second one. And what's my favorite? practice? I mean, there's so many times in the day that I, I mean, I look for the sacredness and things. And so, you know, I mean, we might not have time for this, but my iPhone is sacred. And I did a TEDx talk about that, because, you know, it's, it's this material icon, but it has ingenuity, it has efficiency, it has connection, it has community, it has transformation, it has health, it has all these potentials. How can it just be a material icon when it has all these beautiful qualities that can transform our world and transform our life. So I, what I do is I look, you know, I'll eat my lunch, and I'm eating with a fork. And I'll say there's wisdom in this fork. So I just expand my perspective, because a fork is created in a very specific way that allows you to pick something up as spoon is enough. So there's wisdom in there. It's not just a material thing. So I look for the sacredness for the spiritual quality hidden in our material world and I do it you know, walking, driving, whatever I do, and that it gives me resource because if I suddenly see wisdom, in in in my fork or my spoon, which may seem like such a trivial thing, suddenly I'm connected to wisdom, in the middle of my day and in the middle of my lunch, so You can always tap into these spiritual resources.

Unknown Speaker 50:05
I love that. Thanks so much for coming and talking to us today. It's

Unknown Speaker 50:10
such a pleasure and so rich and so wonderful. And I really hope your listeners take in, there's so much to, for us to expand the definition of spiritual wellness and spirit and spiritual well being.

Unknown Speaker 50:23
And feeling we will have you back especially when she has done and keep this conversation going. Because I think there's more to talk about. And we'll make sure our listeners know how to find you. So they can check out all your awesome resources. And we are just so grateful to know you and to be connected to you.

Unknown Speaker 50:43
Thanks for having me on. And thanks for the learnings that I got. But by preparing for this, it's been wonderful. Really,

Unknown Speaker 50:50
we're so glad. Well, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
It's been a pleasure to meet you. Nice to see you hear Christine in this context.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
Wow, my friend.

Unknown Speaker 51:01
That was that that is powerful, a lot to unpack.

Unknown Speaker 51:07
Right? That's more than a 45 minute conversation, we're gonna be talking about this one for a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
Oh, I feel like, yeah, this is a conversation that honestly, in some form can be had every day, you know, speaking about the dimensions of wellness, it, you know, the spiritual part of it, it exists in all of them. So, you know, that's, that's, that's how I feel. So

Unknown Speaker 51:35
what was something that stuck out to you from the conversation?

Unknown Speaker 51:39
Um, oh, my goodness, what immediately, um, what sticks out for me, is the concept of, of knowing of loving yourself and knowing how important that is, in order to expand that. And the example that she used was so sobering. And I feel like it can be sobering for anyone, the any, any person of any ethnicity or background, the example she used when speaking about the college students, who felt that they didn't belong to a group, and they totally devalue their contribution as a human being. And, and that being like, a really strong form of self hate. That's a really intense example. But it's sobering because, you know, if you feel a way about yourself, that is not valued. It's really, really difficult to recognize and identify values and other people. And if our if a huge percentage of our population thinks that way. Oh, my gosh, right. You thought I mean, that's scary.

Unknown Speaker 52:37
Right? That has to be a shift. It also hurts my heart when she's teaching in college. And these are the young ones, you know, I know, like, and that's, yeah, and it's I know, I've had clients that have felt that way and done a lot of work in community where I know it to be true. And it's, it is, you know, people want to be loved and connected. Right. And, and Maslow's hierarchy of law, they want to survive. Yeah. Right. So then we bring into all the dimensions of what's going on in our country, but that love and collect connection and belonging, right.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 53:18
And yeah, it was really powerful for me that the talking about and I know we talk about this often in our Monday groups and on the podcast, but the talking about, you know, refilling our buckets and loving ourselves so we can make a difference in the world. And that, that it's not selfish, that it's, it's vital. Yeah, we do that. of our time. So before we go, I want to give a shout out to our sponsor, shallow glow. Shallow glow is a company founder founded by Shannon Mitchell, and it is an organic shea butter company that uses I can't do it as well as she does, because you know, it's her baby. But y'all is the best shea butter, oil and just some yummy self care products

Unknown Speaker 54:16
is that yes, I'm

Unknown Speaker 54:18
good about because they keep they've kept me hydrated all winter long. And as a guard. I use it every time I come in from the outside and my hands have looked better than they've looked in years. So that's my product endorsement. What do you say about Halo?

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Listen, I was just you know, I was just thinking I use the miss the lemongrass mist on my face every night. After I use a diffuser when I take them take a bath. So if you're ever looking for, in other words, some items to put in your self care kit, say Logo Items would be the perfect items to include in that kit. Because when I tell you that it's a whole regimen at night for me, I take a bath. I use my diffuser oils. I put on my shake sailo glow mist on my face, I give myself a facial massage. Like I'm telling you like this. If you're looking for an extra step that's even more practical to start to self care and make the change. Start with it.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
Right? We can actually we can find the sacred in Shayla Glo talking about spiritual wellness weekend for sure, find the sacred in this because it is some of our favorites. But we will be back next week Live at Five on Facebook and YouTube. You can find our recordings of all our podcasts on all the major podcasts. we'd love it if you go to Apple podcasts and give us a like and subscribe or any of the major podcast platforms. And my friend Joe vantrease. Thank you so much for being here today. And I know that it was big shoes to fill with Shannon being out this week. And we're gonna say it like we say it every week. You want to take it you want to take the are out here.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Be well be wise and be whole and we'll see you next week.

Unknown Speaker 56:18
Thanks for you.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Thank you
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